Introduce new products

A showcase for your customers, a real-time feedback

At our pet shows, you have the opportunity to speed up your contact with your customers or future buyers! You can introduce your new products and get direct feedback from your customers! It’s an enriching opportunity to develop your turnover.

80% of our visitors make a purchase at our fairs, with an average basket of 50 euros.

Sponsorship for your brand

Sampling distribution

Sampling distribution of your products can allow
à de futurs clients de tester vos nouvelles croquettes par exemple !
future customers to test your new kibbles for example!

Namely: our visitors make good feedback on social networks and show their pets testing this or that brand. You can communicate your accounts to them and add them on live!

Visual first

The presentation of your products is important to attract visitors curiosity.
Don’t hesitate to take care of your stand and your presentations!
Be creative to stand out from the competitors :).

Your products distributed during an animation on the show

How about sponsoring an animation to highlight your products?
For example, at the Insta Show, young talents reward their dogs with kibbles or other? It could be yours! A lozenge is placed in the centre of the stage with your brand and kakemonos decorate the corners.

Let’s go for a 360° visibility! Highlights of the show, visitors are stunned, smartphones in hand! Our community manager is live on Facebook or Instagram! And our animator won’t fail to present your product between two shows!

Big effect guaranteed!