The Paris Animal Show is coming up! Each professional prepares the show, selects his products, finalizes his presentations, while others are fine-tuning the dressing of their stand.
On the organisation side, all the speakers are ready and all the print of the exhibition is ready to go to press (visitor plans, programmes and all the signage). The communication is launched on the website, on social networks, and at our partners. We are investing in visible advertising in the metro and in the Paris region’s subway and bus stations.

1- But then how can exhibitors announce their arrival at the show beforehand?

If each exhibitor announces his arrival at the show beforehand, we multiply the channels of communication for a better impact!
In order to do so, exhibitors can set up small actions on their communication channels. And to help you, we give you all the visuals in the free web kit!

2- Announce your arrival on your company’s social networks

On your Instagram account or your company’s Facebook page, you can publish a square image of the event poster, with the dates of the show, the number of your booth, using the hashtag #parisanimalshow and your company’s hashtags!
All employees or collaborators can share this publication to multiply the reach of your communication.

Good news: we’ve even prepared the visual in story format!

If you have an identified personal account, you can also share the publication on your News Feed.

You can replace the cover photo of your Facebook account on a one-off basis for one week, thanks to the visuals sent in the free web kit.

3- Preparing a competition on its corporate social networks

Easy to set up, you can organize on your Instagram and/or Facebook account a contest to win tickets for the Paris Animal Show.

For example the exhibitor Companions & Company on his Instagram @ Companions & Company account wins 6 tickets to the show. This way the company communicates about its presence at the show. This allows to increase its number of subscribers, to improve its notoriety on its network, while pleasing its subscribers!

4- Make an announcement on your website

You can announce your arrival and the number of your stand in the slider of your website, as our partner balance and instinct has done.

You can also put an insert, provided in the free web kit sent!

Another solution is the possibility to write an article a fortnight to a few days before the event. Your presence at the show should be a way to meet your customers but also your prospects. Adding a news item makes it possible to schedule an appointment on your stand!

5- Put a visual in your email signature

If there’s one way to announce your arrival at an event when you don’t have time to take care of it, it’s to put an insert in your email signature!
If we add up the number of emails sent per day, by you and your collaborators, the calculation is quickly done: it’s exponential !/strong>

Find a signature insert in the free web kit at your disposal.

6- Advertise in a newsletter

How about making an appointment with your customers and prospects when you send out a newsletter?

4 internautes sur 10 se rendent en boutique ou achètent en ligne suite à la réception d’un email commercial d’après le SNCD lors de l’étude sur le marché de l’emailing et du comportement de ses utilisateurs sur l’année 2019.

7- Preparing his communication in the press for his arrival

Yes, we are increasing the budget for this proposal! For those professionals who can, publication in the press is a good way to communicate about its products and novelties. And what could be more interesting than giving consumers the opportunity to test products and new products at the Paris Animal Show?

As you can see, there are a multitude of ways to announce your arrival at a trade show!

Our team offers you other means of communication!

Ahead of the Paris Animal Show, we offer our exhibitors and pet industry professionals several communication supports.

8- Put an insert in our newsletter

Our weekly newsletters are sent to 45,000 pet owners. Our base is renewed, in part, 3 times a year with new pet owners.

9- Become a partner of the show’s events

At each show, our team innovates in the proposal of animations for the general public, but also to highlight its exhibitors and brands that make today’s market.

So you can come to us in order to become a partner of the events of the fair such as: the 1st show dedicated to adoption, the Adoption Center, the Aqua School or the Animal School. You can also showcase your company on the podium or central ring that gathers the animations and brings the crowd together.

Example: For the Insta Show, the influencers gave their dogs Zolux brand kibbles, a large sticker was in the center of the podium. During the demonstration, kakemonos surrounded the podium.

Result: During the animations, our community manager shoots videos for our social networks. The whole crowd also shares the animation to their community. The event itself gets a lot of media coverage: seven to eight, 66 minutes etc.

These proposals can provide news for your company, which could interest journalists and relaunch your communication in the press.

10- Become a major sponsor of the show for powerful communication

The Paris Animal Show deploys large-scale communication! We are on all communication channels. Our major sponsors are on the poster of our event.