Keys to a successful visit

Communicate on your own media
before and during the event

Exposalons invests in a powerful marketing strategy that reaches nearly 12 million people in Ile-de-France!

If each exhibitor announces his coming to the show, we can multiply,very together, the communication actions and increase our impact!

Today, every professionals have a website, at least one account on social networks. What about you?

1°) On your website

Exposalons distributes free web kits to its exhibitors! You can use it to tell your visitors about your presence at the show.

You can, for example, put a banner in your slideshow on the home page of your website.
You can also write an article indicating your arrival with all the necessary information about the event: place, date, opening hours, stand number and refer to the exhibition website depending on your location:

  • Paris Animal Show :
  • Exhibition Chiens Chats :
  • Animal Expo :

You can present the products that you are going to promote on the show. This article can be relayed on your social networks or by sending a newsletter.

2°) On your e-mail signature

The announcement of your arrival in your e-mails footer will cover all your contacts and increase your visibility.
You can put a link directly to the event’s ticket office to invite your contacts to come and meet you at the show.

3°) On your social networks

On your Instagram account, Facebook or Linkedin page of your company, you can publish a square image of the event poster, with the dates of the show, the number of your location, using your brand hashtags and the appropriate event hashtag!


Subscribe to the pages and accounts of the fairs you attend to follow the news and animations and share our informations before and during the fair!
You can take advantage of communicate with our community and find qualified prospects for your brand.
Don’t forget to tag our accounts so we can share your publications!

Paris Animal Show
facebook : @ParisAnimalShow
instagram : @paris_animal_show

Exhibition Chiens Chats
facebook : @salonchienschats
instagram : @salonchienschats

Animal Expo
facebook : @salonanimalexpo
instagram : @animal_expo_paris

Members of your team can share this publication to multiply communication results.

Free bonus: the visual of the event is available in story format in your web kit!

If you have a personally identified account, you can also share the publication on your News Feed. Many of your friends may be interested without even knowing it!
You can also replace the cover image of your Facebook or Linkedin account during the event time.

4°) On your newsletters

Your community wants to meet you! You can announce your coming via an announcement in your newsletter, many prospects could come to visit you!

Boost your notoriety thanks to sponsorship

During the promotion period before trade fairs and during events, you can take advantage of our broad-spectrum advertising to a large audience.

From our poster campaigns or digital screen campaign in the Paris subway, to the sponsorship of an animation on our events, you will find the choice you need according to your budget!

Several supports for sponsorship are available for our exhibitors.

Find out more to integrate a powerful communication strategy to reach 12 million people in in Paris and Ile-de-France!

A question about sponsorship?

Your contact

Florence de la Moureyre
Trade fair Director
+33(0)1 49 52 14 13

Upgrade the layout of your stand

Your exhibition stand is an important business tool! A beautiful, well worked stand brings real added value to your communication. It highlights your products, and attract the attention of visitors!

Animate your stand

As you know, a salesman who sits on his stool with his arms folded, eyes glued to his mobile phone, is not a salesman!
The visitor needs entertainment and will inevitably be more attracted by a smiling and friendly salesperson.

But not only that!

You can plan animations to attract a visitor’s attention to your stand. Contests are the most common. Also think about the presence of a well-known animal world influencer, the presence of a mascot, demonstrations of your products or the installation of a selfie terminal…