Our promotion campaign

We deploy an extensive marketing strategy for each trade fair, before each event in the Paris region. Our objective is to reach a very large audience of the general public and allow our exhibitors to have as many visitors as possible.

A powerful communication campaign for 12 millions of people in Paris and Ile-de-France

Subway display

For the 3 shows:
810 faces over 14 days
for 5,928,280 people affected

The Paris peripheral display

14 days
for 3,976,000 people affected
For Animal Expo, we put a tarpaulin at the entrance of the Floral Park.
1,300,000 people affected

The front bus in Ile-de-France

2000 faces over 7 days
for 7,103,630 people affected

On our social networks

215,000 impressions on Paris Animal Show instagram.
+ The show’s Facebook page

300,000 impressions on the Animal Expo Instagram account

On our websites

The Paris Animal Show website
5700 views/day

Animal Expo website
6000 views/day

On our newsletters

We send about 10 newsletters per fair
to 50,000 contacts per mailing