In 2020, Paris Animal Show, in partnership with the brands équilibre & instinct and Zolux, is delighted to present the first show dedicated to adoption, a media event sponsored by personalities from the animal world.

An innovative and supportive new concept, this show is a fashion show that aims to show adoption from a friendly, joyful and attractive angle. The animals presented will all be looking for a foster family.

With its 35,000 visitors expected over 2 days, Paris Animal Show is an unmissable event that unites and brings together owners, the press, professionals, influencers and the media around pets.

Because of its popularity with an ever-increasing number of visitors who are sensitive to the animal cause, the show also represents an opportunity for brands wishing to gain notoriety and develop their customer base.
Animal welfare is our priority and we are actively involved in promoting the adoption of abandoned animals. Our partners are also committed to the animal cause by joining forces.

The concept of the first show dedicated to adoption?

Allowing brands and retailers and their point-of-sale teams to sponsor an abandoned animal to parade alongside it on the catwalk to find a foster family.

What’s the point for brands and retailers to commit to us?

  • Boosting their brand image
  • Take advantage of the media coverage of this unique new concept
  • Communicating to the public and the media about their involvement in the animal cause
  • Develop their visibility and improve their notoriety
  • And above all: allowing abandoned animals to find a home.

Participate as a famous person!

We launched a first call and many personalities and influencers answered present, such as Laetitia Barlerin (veterinarian, TV Journalist, La vie secrète des chats), Catherine de @Marvelzesuperbeagle, Gérald Ariano (Journalist Ushuaïa TV group TF1), Katia Renard (Editor-in-Chief of 30 millions d’amis).
The list is growing with Tanguy from the Toopet Youtubeur channel from the animal world, May from Malcolm the Akita, Instagram influencer and Jérôme le Banner, professional boxer…. And it’s far from over!

So why not you? Would you like to sponsor an abandoned animal and put your notoriety at its service to help it find a foster family?
Contact us: Agnès Lemonnier,

équilibre& instinct

équilibre & instinct demonstrates its commitment to animal welfare by supporting adoption.
An animal, before being well fed, must be pampered in a loving home, it is essential!
Wearing this good word and being active in protection & animal prevention, via our social networks and notre blog, is our commitment.
That’s why the sponsorship of the first adoption show seemed to us as an evidence and also a pride for the brand to be linked to such a beautiful event.


Zolux is a French family business that operates on the pet shop market with passion and dynamism. For more than 80 years, thanks to its teams driven by passion for their profession and a constant need for innovation, Zolux has become a key player in the pet shop market in Europe. Innovation, quality and know-how guide their creations in order to offer products that perfectly meet the needs of pets and the expectations of their owners. Zolux will provide us with the accessories for the well-being of the animals during the event: toys, cushions, bowls… Zolux is the partner of the Paris Animal Show for the adoption center.